Sunday, April 26, 2009

Experimental Music Condiments

Last evening, my pals over at the Experimental Music Palace asked me to play a show last minute. I happily agreed. I brought one machine, a light rope, the blinking hoodie, a blinking bike light, and 4 trash bags full of balloons. We took it to the mountain top! Best!!

Once again, I forgot my camera. So for your viewing pleasure, I am including my five favorite condiments that I found in my fridge just moments ago.

NOTE: Right now I am listening to an old time radio show on WOZQ that my friend Jozen broadcasts. Thanks Jozen and pals for bringing it so hard on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Land of Port...Oh so good

I love Portland Maine! I Love my Friend Ed, and newer friend Eric! I Love Eating breakfast! I Love The Scrapes, and I Love The Orchards! I also Love sea crustations!

It may or may not be a bit till you hear from me. Workin on some new things. However, still hit me up with ideas for stuff and non stuff alike. I will most likely still be on the internet way more than I should be.