Thursday, February 26, 2009

The second half of my DC experience turned out pretty awesome. I left the hotel I was in, and went to some veggie restaurant I found online called Java Green or something like that. It was decent and all, but I knew that I was not in the DC that people like Fugazi and Bob Mould would be chillin in. So I call up my friend Ian from Dischord, and he tells me that I need to go to 18th street and check out some cool record stores. I do, and they were cool indeed. I actually picked up the new Real Estate 7" which is incredible, along with some other soul reissues, and a Jonathan Richman album. Then I went on over to the Dischord house where Ian showed me some really cool shit, and I met the Dischord staff. Then He gave me a vegan brownie, and sent me on my way.
Thanks again DC (and Ian)! You are a ripper for sure...

NOTE: The meal featured in this post is my #1 fave...Kale & Beans! My friend Ben made it for me last night when I drove down to Chapel Hill to crash at his pad.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comet Ping Pong & Pizza

Funny story actually. I drove down from Northampton, MA yesterday to play this show in DC at Comet Ping Pong & Pizza. Took forevs to get here, and I had no idea what the show was going to be like. I walk in and the people working have no idea that I am playing, but are all about the sweetest humans I have come to meet the whole day. They give me pizza and beer and set up a PA for me to play through.

Then, this dood at the bar named Eddie ask me if I am related to this guy Tom Hnatow from a local band called "These United States". Right then, I knew this was a special place. I have randomly been in caontact with this Tom fella for the past year or so not just due to our unusual "Ukrainian" last name, but due to the fact that he looks EXACTLY like it scares me!

I play my set to about 6 people...Eddie gives me $40 and says he loved the set and to put it towards a hotel for the night....I give him every merch item I have...The bar gives me $40...I talk with this awesome girl named Rachael at the bar....another dood gives me $20 for some albums....I go across the street and pay exactly $100 for a hotel...I sleep...I awake....I write this blog to you on the Days in computer (that's why there are no pics)

Moral of the story...Don't pay attention to who is watching you...just go about your day and do what you do....It will all work out fine in the end.

Thanks Comet Ping Pong & Pizza...You have stole my heart...And you know what, I am gonna let you hold onto it for a while :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pizza & Sleep

I will keep this one brief due to the fact that I have a 7 hour drive to DC that I am embarking on just minutes from now. By brief, I mean I will be entering haiku format once again:

Ate greasy pizza
Drove back home to sleep in bed
With my lady friend

NOTE: pictures are a sort of bonus round of Brooklyn and Portland. Once again neglected to take pics of the CT jams.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It snowed 8 inches last night as I was driving into Portland Maine. I am now a better driver than I ever thought I would ever be. These pics are of my best buds, new and old, from the portland Neigb. Forgot to take pics of the show last night due to several factors.

FUN FACT: toilets in the Netherlands come equipped with a shelf. According to a man at the bar I am in right now, it is so that you can ensure your health.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amazing........Earth shattering.............Mind Blowing..............Down Right The Holly Grail....... These are all words that I would use to describe the best thing that has happened yet on this tour (given I am only two days in). Man, I almost wept.

My friends, I am describing to you the feeling I had when I paid $3.75 for and entire turkey "hero" as it was listed....and ohhh...there is came with a can of soda! Now I know that in the Pioneer Valley, we have out deals, but this was enough o make my day.

Also, the show was da bomb. Viva La Silent Barn!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

BOSTON (Needy Visions, Eric Hnatow, Nat Baldwin, Big Digits)

This is my first "On The Road" post. I think if Jack Kerouac was alive in this fine time of technology, maybe his book would have been called "On The Net". It would have been all about traveling without moving.

The show last night was less of a show, more of a event if you will. So much attention to detail. It shows that if you put everything you got in, nothing but the best will come of it. It was great to play with all the bands, but I was especially stoked about seeing Big Digits and Nat Baldwin. I haven't seen Nat play for some years, and only played one show with Big Digits at The Shed in Palmer ( Halloween jam with HNATIW) 4 years ago. They brought it woahh! Ballonorama-basslinebumpin-bootythumpin hard. I have always had a good time playing in Boston, but since Bonesaw moved out here, and discovering the Whithaus...Man!...let's just say ever since then, I've had a better time.

NOTE: Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE food, like it is crazy that we get to eat it everyday...MULTIPLE TIMES! I am attempting to document my meals throughout this trip, mostly for myself, but I will keep you all posted with pics every so often....this one is from a 1AM meal that my buddy Bilkay chefed up for us when we got home last night.

Friday, February 20, 2009

HnaTour 09 in Realtime

Please allow me to enter directly into bullet format:

-My first ever tour starts today! I am equally as pumped as I am nervous. As always, check out Myspace for a complete list of dates. Thanks to Alaina at Secret Agency Booking for all her help.

-91.9 WOZQ (Smith College Radio) is my new jam! They tear up the airwaves like no other. Check em out for sure

-Brian Eno and David Byrne...nuff said!

-Boston (Mass Art) tonite with Nat Baldwin, Needy Visions, Big Digits


PS...No time to post links right now..later for sure

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Camera

In preparation for tour, I bought my first digital camera this weekend. Most folks always assume that because I make music with electronic instruments, that I have some magical all knowing wealth of knowledge about technology. That is so not the case, as I am usually 10 to 15 years behind the trends in most things, not just with technology. I remember telling my friend Matt, probably about 5 years ago, that I got my first pair of jeans (like my first pair of "COOL" jeans, which of course turned out to be not as cool as I thought) and he said "Welcome to the 20th century"
NOTE: I really need to clean out the crud from between the knobs on the DMT..Please don't judge me. I do take good care of my equipment, I promise.

Monday, February 9, 2009

J.P Boneyard & Sons I have this tour coming up, and I asked one of my best buds Bonyeyard (The Shed, Boneyard Buttons, Palmer,MA flyer legend) to come out of retirement so to speak and put on a show for me in Boston as the first date of the tour. Now, I knew that he rolled heavy...but he has outdone himself fro real. Go big or go home (or at least come out to this show)!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Albums now for sale online

Not sure if this is worthy of an official post, but I just created a Paypal account and posted all my available albums on Myspace. Please check em out if you feel like seeing what I have been up to for the past year or so.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


New Blog Haiku:

Two weeks editing
Finally got the right pic
Do not trust Pearl Street!

Boy, that felt good! So, not sure how much I will continue posting blogs on Myspace now that I have this thingy rippin. I will still use Myspace for sure (for shows, pics, and networking, and all the other things it is awesome for), so please still message me on there and all that fun stuff. I just wanted another space that was for writing and talking about stuff. I really suck at internetting, so I will have a severe learning curve whe it comes to posting fun things like links and pics and stuff like that, but I am hopeful that it will come to me in time. Thanks to everyone for continuing to come to my showz and tell me cool things like how they saw me and my bro Tim play a show at Amvets in Palmer, MA like 6 years ago, or how they saw some random dood with one of my pins at a turnpike stop. It is the best when people feel it like Woah!