Friday, February 20, 2009

HnaTour 09 in Realtime

Please allow me to enter directly into bullet format:

-My first ever tour starts today! I am equally as pumped as I am nervous. As always, check out Myspace for a complete list of dates. Thanks to Alaina at Secret Agency Booking for all her help.

-91.9 WOZQ (Smith College Radio) is my new jam! They tear up the airwaves like no other. Check em out for sure

-Brian Eno and David Byrne...nuff said!

-Boston (Mass Art) tonite with Nat Baldwin, Needy Visions, Big Digits


PS...No time to post links right now..later for sure


  1. I snatched up my life in the bush of ghosts at the wmua record fair you played last holiday season. greeat. hope you rock heartily on the tour and see you sometime when youre back round the valley

  2. eric! thanks for reppin' WOZQ! we love you!