Saturday, February 21, 2009

BOSTON (Needy Visions, Eric Hnatow, Nat Baldwin, Big Digits)

This is my first "On The Road" post. I think if Jack Kerouac was alive in this fine time of technology, maybe his book would have been called "On The Net". It would have been all about traveling without moving.

The show last night was less of a show, more of a event if you will. So much attention to detail. It shows that if you put everything you got in, nothing but the best will come of it. It was great to play with all the bands, but I was especially stoked about seeing Big Digits and Nat Baldwin. I haven't seen Nat play for some years, and only played one show with Big Digits at The Shed in Palmer ( Halloween jam with HNATIW) 4 years ago. They brought it woahh! Ballonorama-basslinebumpin-bootythumpin hard. I have always had a good time playing in Boston, but since Bonesaw moved out here, and discovering the Whithaus...Man!...let's just say ever since then, I've had a better time.

NOTE: Anybody who knows me knows that I LOVE food, like it is crazy that we get to eat it everyday...MULTIPLE TIMES! I am attempting to document my meals throughout this trip, mostly for myself, but I will keep you all posted with pics every so often....this one is from a 1AM meal that my buddy Bilkay chefed up for us when we got home last night.

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  1. I like your Jamiroquai reference ("traveling without moving"). BRA-VO.