Thursday, February 26, 2009

The second half of my DC experience turned out pretty awesome. I left the hotel I was in, and went to some veggie restaurant I found online called Java Green or something like that. It was decent and all, but I knew that I was not in the DC that people like Fugazi and Bob Mould would be chillin in. So I call up my friend Ian from Dischord, and he tells me that I need to go to 18th street and check out some cool record stores. I do, and they were cool indeed. I actually picked up the new Real Estate 7" which is incredible, along with some other soul reissues, and a Jonathan Richman album. Then I went on over to the Dischord house where Ian showed me some really cool shit, and I met the Dischord staff. Then He gave me a vegan brownie, and sent me on my way.
Thanks again DC (and Ian)! You are a ripper for sure...

NOTE: The meal featured in this post is my #1 fave...Kale & Beans! My friend Ben made it for me last night when I drove down to Chapel Hill to crash at his pad.


  1. "Then He gave me a vegan brownie, and sent me on my way."

    Did you meet God in DC? Whatta hippie.

  2. hey doood.
    it's jeff and jon. Were in your living room listening to dylan. we ate bacon and eggs with hungry ghost bread and pesto. We miss you a lot and hope that you rock the world off its axis at your next show.
    too bad i missed you, i'm leaving today for NY. Danny is (maybe) flying into NYC tomorrow and were going to phish in virginia and then to israel next week.

    lovin you
    j and j