Sunday, March 1, 2009


Greenville South Carolina, oh what can I say about you to do the justice besides the fact that you have crushed the best meal deal of this tour (previously held by the $3.75 turkey sandwich and soda). Two eggs, toast and jam, grits, bacon, and unlimited coffee for $2.99! Sorry I have no pics of this glorious meal, but if you are ever around those parts, check out Gene's Diner.

The pics of the robots are from the house of this woman Wendy whom I stayed with for the evening.

Atlanta Georgia...I played at WonderRoot, a mind blowing artspace that my friend Witt Wisebram started from the ground up. So incredible and inspiring. Atlanta in general was a ripper of a city. So far, it was also my favorite set of the tour. Haley took some video which I will be posting when I get home next week.

NOTE: We went out to a party last night at a roller skating rink...If you can, try to picture this...400 people roller skating, BYOB, and a funk band!!

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