Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nite Jewel--What a Gem! / Spooning Dan Deacon

One of my favorite things about last evening had to be the vegan corned beef and cabbage from one of the many the Smith College dining commons. It was not even that it was necessarily that good (cause it wasn't), but the mere fact that vegan corned beef and cabbage even exist on this planet is enough reason to rejoice none the less. I am not vegan, nor even vegetarian. I consider myself more of a "fooditarian", showing no discrimination to the many flavors our great existence has to offer. Pair this meal together with WOZQ's incredibility to put together shows, and you have a winning combo for sure.

Nite Jewel and her pal Rachelle were real sweet people to boot. I had never heard of here before this show, but am glad that we ended up playing together. Also, thanks to Triangle Forest for letting me use their PA system!

So here is the thing. I got a burned copy of Dan Deacon's new album Bromst last evening from a person kind enough to rip it for me. I am actually listening to it right now. Dood is so epic! I first heard his name like 5 or 6 years ago when I was on a bike tour with my pal Jason Anderson (like we literally rode our bikes around multiple states with Jason doing shows, which was equally as epic). These doods named Lunch With Beardo asked if HNATIW (a duo me and my bro Tim did a while back..Check that shit out...It's out there somewhere) wanted to play with this dood Dan Deacon that they were going to SUNY Purchase with. For some reason or another, we could not make it out.

Fast forward a bit.....I start doing music again after taking some years off....I play some shows.....I record some jams....Somebody ask me to play with Dan Deacon again in Northampton...I say yes (having not heard of him much since)...I is the best!!!....We talk.....I dig him.....He digs me.....He records another album......My mind is blown!!!

So here we are in the present. Thanks Dan for being such a ripper. You have changed the way I look at music forever. Hopefully I will see ya again sometime in the near future. And thanks for recording such a dope album. I will buy this shit on vinyl for sure!!! (And probably on CD too since the quality of this copy sounds kinda poopyish)

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