Friday, March 6, 2009

I got an impromptu show in Asheville North Carolina, and there was this dood just straight passed out on the bar for like 45 minutes. Asheville...WOW! You rock heavy style for sure.

Last night I played in Lancaster PA. Now, I had never heard of this gem of a city, but it has been more of a blast than I could have ever asked for. My pal Eli Weaver lives, works, and tears up the scene here. If you are in the area, especially on a Friday between 6-4...You GOTTA check out the market they have. It is CRAZY!!! So many good meats, cheeses, and fruit and just cool shit.

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  1. Lancaster??? No way! I grew up 45 minutes from there.

    They do have good markets. And a really interesting downtown area. Glad you enjoyed!

    -Sarah H.